Naphosszat / All day long


cast: Mari Törőcsik, Anatoli Vassiliev

director: Krisztián Kolovratnik
cinematography: Sándor Kardos
editor: Manna Török
film editor: Wanda Kiss

line producer: András Tóth
producer: Krisztián Kolovratnik

”Mari Törőcsik had experienced clinical death and returned to life. And when she did, she returned to a life way before the hour and the minute she had fallen into her coma. And I, in my self-imposed expulsion from today’s intitutionalised theatre, went through the daily ordeals of mental and spiritual death. I had to resurrect every day in mind and soul. That is how we met, and together we walked all the phases from the waning to the utmost vigour of life… when she came out on the stage with a glass of champagne, in her black costume, black blazer and trousers, wearing brilliant necklaces, and said “this costume I’ve had made to wear for you, Anatoly”, she was beautiful. More beautiful I have ever seen her before…”


„Vassiliev – to put it simply – is a theatre director, of which there are so few in this world. Well, I’m lucky to have caught one of them, and this is a good thing… here, that’s Vasilyev.”



production shots